So-Un (Han-Kyoung) Lee 
So.Un (meaning Clear Cloud) Lee was born in South Korea.

Since 1968 she has been living and working in Switzerland as an artist.

1982-1988 she studied at Kunstgewerbeschule Zurich and Kunst Seminar, Luzern.

1989 - Eidg:Diplom Superior for Ops; Nurse.

Since 1980 she has been studying regularly traditional Korean painting in Seoul.

So-Un learned calligraphy at early age from her father. Her calligraphic work has become more and more abstract, and through her studies and work her fascination with developing a means of communication between two cultures has grown.

2000 International Art Promotion Art Fair Kongresshaus, Zurich.

In 2001 she received a juried prize in Tonneins France.

2002 - Europ'Art : Paleexpo.Genf.
         - Le salon 2002. Socite'des Artistes France. Espace Autteuil Paris

2003 - Kleine galeri W.Muller altdof/ Swiss
         - Le salon Socite'France. Espace Autteuil Paris
         - Diplom : erhalten won Federation Nationale de la Culture France<br
>2003 - Medallion Vermeil:Federation Nationalde la Culturelle France.

Permanent Gallery: 
        Soun International Art :  Zofingen/ Swiss
So-Un has had numerous exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Istanbul, Paris and New York.

So-un(Han Kyoung) Lee
Obere Promenade 7
4800 Zofingen/Switzerland
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